Affordable LASIK Pricing

At See It Clearly, we believe no one should have to choose between their vision and their bank account. That’s why we offer affordable LASIK services and convenient financing to help great vision fit into any budget.

We accept most forms of insurance, credit cards, and cash. We’d partnered with CareCredit to offer simple financing that makes it easy to see better now and pay over time.

Affordable LASIK Pricing

See How LASIK Changes Lives

Mary A

“Dr Reilly and the staff are amazing, I had surgery and Dr Reilly called me that same day to check on me that was very nice of him, I brag about him and his office all the time.”

Michael H

“An excellent surgeon. I did a lot of research on it and determined that he is best in town This facility was the only one where I didn't feel like they were trying to sell me on something. They really cared for me as a person! The staff is excellent as well. Overall a wonderful experience!”

Michael D

“Amazing experience! I cannot believe how life changing just a short few minutes can be. They were so helpful, and put my mind at ease. I cannot believe I did not do this sooner. I have already talked my sister in to going in to do the procedure, and feel she is in great hands.”

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Discover surgical results that can be achieved through all-laser, blade-free vision correction.

What is LASIK?

More than 11 million people have made the choice to enjoy their world with visual freedom thanks to LASIK.

LASIK is a quick (7-10 minute) surgical procedure that reshapes the cornea to improve your vision. It has a high success rate and very little down-time after the procedure, making it one of the most popular vision correction methods today.

Want to know more? Contact us to schedule your FREE LASIK consultation. We welcome patients from San Antonio, Boerne and the surrounding region. We’ll answer all your questions and take time to help you make a decision you feel confident about.

What is LASIK?

Blade Free LASIK Technology

Blade Free LASIK Technology

See It Clearly offers blade-free LASIK, which uses a specially designed laser to gently create the “corneal flap” that makes LASIK vision correction possible.

Choosing to get LASIK is a life-changing decision. We understand that you’re going to have lots of questions. At See It Clearly, we’re happy to provide you with tools, videos and information to help you learn all about the procedure, what to expect, and our practice – so you can make a choice that gives you peace of mind.

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Not sure if LASIK can fix your vision problems? Take our FREE LASIK Self-Test and find out instantly. It only takes about a minute.

If you have one of the three most common vision problems – astigmatism, myopia, or hyperopia– you’re probably a good candidate for LASIK. Our FREE LASIK Self-Test is an excellent way to check your candidacy for LASIK.

Why See It Clearly?


At See It Clearly, our focus is on providing top-quality care to our patients. You will always feel listened to and respected by every single person in our practice. Helping you achieve crystal clear vision, in a comfortable and welcoming environment, is at the heart of everything we do.

Dr. Reilly and Team

Dr. Charles “Chaz” Reilly, M.D. is a board-certified ophthalmologist who has preformed over 20,000 LASIK procedures in his career. Dr. Reilly is fellowship trained in cornea/external disease and refractive surgery. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration selected Dr. Reilly to serve as a consultant to the Ophthalmic Devices Panel of the FDA because of his expertise. He created the first refractive surgery curriculum for the Air Force, and his research led to the Air Force approving LASIK for its pilots.

Dr. Brunin and Team

Gregory Brunin, M.D. is a fellowship trained cornea, cataract and refractive surgeon. He is a triple fellowship trained and board certified ophthalmologist and a recipient of the Stephen N. Schindler Award for high ethical and humane standards. He has performed hundreds of refractive surgeries at the Evans Army Community Hospital at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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